Expectations on online teachers ctd.

Pennsylvania State University states a tougher expectation on teachers of one business day response, and a suggestion to monitor courses at least once on weekends:

  1. Establish and communicate to students, early in the course, a regular schedule for when you will be logging in to the course.
    Normally this is once per business day. Many of the students studying via the World Campus are adult learners who have work and family responsibilities. These students tend to be more active in courses on weekends, so you may wish to also include in your schedule time to monitor courses at least once on weekends.
  2. <LI value="6"
    Provide feedback to student inquiries within one business day.
    Because online learners must manage their time carefully, timely instructor feedback is especially important to them. If the you cannot provide a detailed response within one business day, we suggest that you respond to the student within one business day to simply let them know when a more detailed response will be provided.

John A. Dutton e-Education Institute
Best Practices and Expectations for online teaching
adapted from “Online Instructor Performance Best Practices and Expectations,” Penn State World Campus.


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