Two Soft Books

I came across two soft books today.

One is a chair in the shape of a book, with page turning – applied to a very different purpose.

It’s a chair with a stack of soft thick fabric pages piled up as the seat, bound by posts – which are the back of the chair. Turning pages from the seat onto the chair’s back enables the user (sitter) to choose how thick and high the seat, how thick and supporting the back.

Yanko’s Chair of Fairytales

The pages are colours, related only by the overall design. Turning the pages does not tell a story or have any significane in the sequence nor in the page left open.
What text should be on these pages? we could make rude comments about the sitter’s chosen amount of padding related to their weight, the boneyness of their own seat, or the length of their legs. Or stay in the realm of ideas, with Emily Dickinson poems – or limericks. Or a short short story that invotes the sitter to keep on reading, putting them into conflict with their desire to sit down – realising the tension between the functions of the chair and the book.

The second book is soft fabric, decorated by embroidery and calligraphy. Again the pages are thick but they have words that are significant content, decorated with subtlety. The edges of the pages are embroidered, in rich colours suited to the purpose of a wedding presentation book.

Sarah’s Klimty Completeness