A Book of Scents

I want to make a book of scents. The technology is not based on chemistry and special inks, not scratch and sniff. The technology is conventional: words and reflective pauses.
Pages need to be turned slowly. This is an example supporting the case for the SlowBook.
It is a book because the smells are designed to be read over in a sequence, over time. There is significance in experiencing a sequence of smells.
Baby skin; baby poo; nappy bucket bleach; wet laundry; grass in the sunshine; clean cloth in the sunshine.
Slow cooking ingredients to table: spices and meats; earthy vegetables; kitchen cooking oils and wines, spices, frying, boiling, roasting, reducing, deglazing; to table, course by course, entree, meat and sauce, wine, dessert, cheese.
The scent sequence is a form of slow poem, bound in a SlowBook.

Are the simple words enough? for the reflective reader who has the experience already.

Can the naming of a scent evoke the scent and evoke the associated memories, of things past?


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